About 8 to the Bar

Jacinta teaching dance at 8 to the Bar

Jacinta teaching the charleston

Transporting you back to a bygone era where nights of dancing, music and entertainment reigned. Whether the theme is a decadent evening of glamour and flamboyance or an intimate '20s Speakeasy, 8 to the Bar is the perfect place to bring the past to life.

Started by the Bellehoppers as a social event for participants of their dance classes to try out new moves, it has grown into one of the most established nights in the swing calendar.

Based in the Black Box on Hill Street, Belfast, 8 to the Bar events create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to join in.
There is always a staple of the best tunes from the 1920's through to the 1950's and 60's including a mixture of Charleston, Swing, Jump Jive, Blues, Boogie Woogie and Rock 'n' Roll.
The Black Box provides plenty of dance floor for both experienced and budding hoppers, jivers, charlestoners and others too.
8 to the Bar is not exclusively for dancers but just as welcoming to observers too. The events normally have a range of performances from dance groups to burlesque acts to keep the audiences entertained and has welcomed many fantastic bands to the night whose music has created the perfect lively atmosphere.

Oooh I Say

Oooh I Say!


We have had the privilege of working with such acts as -

  1. Mia Amore
  2. Teasy Overeasy
  3. Zoup Du Jour
  4. Ohh! I Say
  1. Stompin' Hepcats
  2. Chaps Allowed

and bands such as -

  1. Night Swing
  2. Apex Jazz Band
  3. Martello Jazz Band
Chaps Allowed

Chaps Allowed

The night is an opportunity for everyone to dress up in vintage attire based on the theme of the night is encouraged.

So come along and join us for the next 8 to the Bar, we would love to see you!

All photo credit : Nicola Lyons at Flying Dreams Creative Photography